Friday, June 5, 2009

Have You Ever!!!!

Have you been in a crowd,
And felt alone.

Have you been in the sunshine,
But look at darkness..

Have you seen a million dreams,
But they have just remained thus…
Have you had expectations,
But went unnoticed...

Have you had beautiful moments,
And only the thoughts’ remain!!!

Have you held the night with a single hand, and not let it go,
But realized it’s all gone and make yourself understand!!!

Have you loved someone with all you have,
And found yourself feeling empty!!!

Have you counted the days to be with them
But the days never seemed to end!!!

Have you trusted someone with all your heart,
But then realized your heart was lying to you!!!

Have you prayed to God,
Only to get your prayers unanswered!!!

Have you thought of always being together
But there was just a lonely life to last forever!!!

Have you wanted to live a life,
Just to know that everything within you is dead!!!

Have you wanted to hold them and never let them go
But all they wanted is to... let you go!!!


Still a Stranger!! said...

It's the most beautiful and sincere composition I have ever read Mani. Simply loved this one...just excellent!!!
I never knew this side of your personality....all those who take you lightly (just because you are always laughing and jolly) should definately read this one.

paramveer said...


Thousif Raza M.B said...

its very beautiful and very good, still is weak at some points, but i know you will do good, net time

i have felt some of it like you told at times, and believe me it hurts hurts bad

take care and keep writing.....

Butterfly Thoughts said...


Butterfly Thoughts said...

Thanks for the valuable feedback. It will definately help me improve.I am new to all this:-)