Friday, June 19, 2009

My Love!!!

I am going to meet my love!!!
I am going to Calcutta this Sunday for a loooooongggg vacation. Calcutta is the city I love to be in!!!

And did I tell you that I share my birthday today with Rahul Gandhi.. Now you cant wish him so you can as well wish me:-)

Take care all of you and see you once I am back.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Beautiful World!!!

He – It will be a boy!!!
She- No it should be a girl…

He- No I want someone to play football and cricket with me and play car racing games. Girls are no good in that…
She- No I want someone to dress up like a doll and purchase all cute little things for her.

He- Can you girls think beyond dressing up and make up. Its final it would be a boy…
She- And can you guys think beyond games and cricket…

He- Fine I agree we cant. Happy… It would be a boy!!!
She- No no..its our first kid and and it would be girl.

He- You don’t understand, If it’s a girl we have to be very protective towards her. Boys will be behind her. The world is no more a good place to live in you see !!! (tries all his efforts to convince her)
She- Yes and if it’s a boy he would be the one who would go behind all those girls…and I don’t want that..

He- Fine do you what you want..
She- A big smile. Thank you jaan. I love you for standing by me for everything.

He- hugs her. Any thing for you…

Next Day…Missionaries of Charities Orphanage.

He – She is so cute… just like you.
She- I am afraid to hold her. She is so small, so fragile. What if I hurt her.

He- Don’t worry I am there with you. Together we will take care of her and give her all the love she deserves.
Lets go home with our baby girl and give her a world full of love.

Encourage Adoption. Make Lives Beautiful...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Love Story!!!

He- I love you!!!
She- Is quiet....
He- You don’t want to say anything.
She- I think my bus has come.
He- Ok.. come I will drop u till the bus..
She- Takes the bus.
He - Still waits for an answer.
She- Looks at him from the window, smiles at him, her eyes saying it all, what he wanted to hear!!!
He- Gets his answers, waits for tomorrow when they would have a new beginning together..

p.s- This is not a work of fiction, but a true story:-)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maine Dekha hain...

This is my first attempt to write a poetry. Good or bad I dont know. I just wanted to post it as I have written it.

Sapno mein khud ko jeete hue dekha hain.
Phir unhi sapno me khud ko tut the hue paaya hain

Ek kalki umeed
Ek saath ka ehsaas
Man me geet
Wo saath jo tha bahut khaas.
In sapno ko sanjote hue dekha hain
Phir inhi me khud ko bikharte hue paaya hain

Kuch palo me hui thi jab zindagi roshan
Un palon ko andhere me khote hue dekha hain
Hawan ki jhokon mein un saari yaadon ko
Un baton ko khud se jhujhte hue paaya hain

Kuch yaadein kuch baatein,
kuch sapnen, lekar aaj chalein hain
Jo manzil mil gayi to chal padenge
Jo naa mili to kya haathon mein inhe liye
Yahin baithe rahenge…….!!!!!!!!

Maine bhikre pare tukron mein bhi kal ka aks dekha hai
Khud ko gir ke phir sambhalte huye payaa hai
Mana ki tukre aaj bhi chubhte hain
Magar us dard mein bhi khud ko muskurate huye paya hai….

Friday, June 5, 2009

Have You Ever!!!!

Have you been in a crowd,
And felt alone.

Have you been in the sunshine,
But look at darkness..

Have you seen a million dreams,
But they have just remained thus…
Have you had expectations,
But went unnoticed...

Have you had beautiful moments,
And only the thoughts’ remain!!!

Have you held the night with a single hand, and not let it go,
But realized it’s all gone and make yourself understand!!!

Have you loved someone with all you have,
And found yourself feeling empty!!!

Have you counted the days to be with them
But the days never seemed to end!!!

Have you trusted someone with all your heart,
But then realized your heart was lying to you!!!

Have you prayed to God,
Only to get your prayers unanswered!!!

Have you thought of always being together
But there was just a lonely life to last forever!!!

Have you wanted to live a life,
Just to know that everything within you is dead!!!

Have you wanted to hold them and never let them go
But all they wanted is to... let you go!!!