Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love is....

Love is
…something shared!!
Love is
…noticing the moment she is unwell!!
Love is
…something you cant get through the week without!!!
Love is
…eagerly turning the other cheek!!!
Love is
…saving his kisses for when he’s away!!!
Love is
…the other man in your life!!!
Love is
…always driving with care!!
Love is
…meeting romance head on!!!
Love is
…when he tries to count every freckle!!!
Love is
…having someone to talk in the evenings!!!
Love is
…wanting him all to yourself!!!
Love is
…what a lonely heart would like to share!!!
Love is
…a strong arm to hold when the sidewalk is icy!!!
Love is
…backing up his fishing stories!!!
Love is
…rearranging the furniture for her at midnight!!!
Love is
…trying to be pleased when he’s won a motorbike in a raffle!!!
Love is
…your little bundle of energy!!!
Love is
…starting out with nothing but each other!!!
Love is
…when every little bit counts!!!
Love is
…still feeling his hug the morning after!!!
Love is
…when the journey to back home gets interesting!!!
Love is
…caring about him inspite of his temper!!!
Love is
…sweeter when you are sharing!!
Love is
…something you’ll always treasure!!!
Love is
…something you all have!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Voted Out!!!

I voted yesterday and I am ecstatic about it. Just happy about it. It’s the first time I gave my vote!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stars and Fishes!!!

My drawing on MS paint. I am pathetic at drawing. My retirement plans are fixed now. Painting classes!!! But its cute naa. 2 things that I like.. Stars in the sky and fishes in aquarium....Love to watch them.
One more thing. Its fun to do it sometimes specially if you are bad at it. Just open MS paint and see how your creativity surprises you. Happy Painting!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shubho Nabo Barsho!!!

Ajo ache sei surji doba nodi..
Ajo ache sei nokshi kathar math

Ache chalay chokh rekhe miche swapno dekha
Ache chile kothar ghare kichu ichche rakha

Dure chole geche , bahu dure.. bujhte parini kato dure..
Albumer majhe din gulo harie geche

Sei barshay hatujal rastata aaj kothay ache?
Jani na, ami jani na…

Ajo jete chai sei ghum poriri deshe
Ajo chute chai sei chander pahar

Ache chander majhe charka burir chaka
Aache tepantarer mathe kichu swapno rakha.

Dure chole geche , bahu dure.. bujhte parini kato dure.. Albumer majhe din gulo harie geche

Sei grismer dupur gulo keno bodle geche?
Jani na, ami jani na…

Had read these few lines sometimes back somewhere.
Its bengali’s New year today.Poila Baisakh as they call it.
Though not a Bengali, witnessing this celebration since childhood has been a ritual every year. Our tenants who were Bengali used to celebrate it and sweets and chanachur were eagerly awaited.
I remember there used to be a very tiny shop at the end of the road. We use to call that man kaaku. On that particular year he had made bonde ( boondiyan which is a sweet) and neatly kept in small packets. He was selling them,each packet for 5 paise. Oh yes just 5 paise. But the catch was he would sell it only once to one person not again. His idea was to distribute the sweets to all.
We a bunch of kids went and each bought the sweet packet and he didn’t see us properly as who all are buying. Finished it was just in a minute and we wanted more. We knew he wouldn’t give us again as we have already bought once. Thought of trying our luck again, one by one we went and bought again and relished again. He started scolding us when he came to know we were playing a prank and bought the sweets again and again. It was fun. Its not that the sweets were outstanding and we wont get it in any other sweet shop. The festival, the friends the place all made a difference. As I said earlier Calcutta will always be home. I just miss each and everything about the city.

Random Things!!!

Yesterday after I left office I decided I would go by a bus.

Waited for almost 20 mins for a bus to come and I was actually enjoying the wait. Sitting on the bench at the bus stop watching life just walking running driving and rushing by.

A guy was sitting on the next bench. A sweet looking young girl came and started talking. Just after 5 mins the girl got up and told that guy bye. It looked she was irritated. She walked away. They guy looked at her going away. Not sure if he was crying but saw him rubbing off his eyes. He looked sad and disappointed and was just randomly seeing the roads and the vehicles.

2 college girls were busy chattering. Not too sure what they were talking as it was in kannada, but something about chemistry and some fun they did in the lab.

Waited waited and waited. Wanted to go in a Volvo. I just love the New Volvo buses. Its so comfortable and pleasing. The whole idea of travelling by public transport has changed. I just love the bus and wouldn’t miss a chance of travelling by it.
Finally I hopped into a Suvarna the silver bus. The conductor was a nice person and made me smile as I was trying to figure out what did he say in Kannada. Just understood aayetu madam when I asked him back my change.

When I got back home I went to my neighbour aunty. She has 2 beautiful daughters. Madhuri and Madhu. Both of them are very cute,Madhu being the younger one so little more chirpy and cuter. As usual they are getting bored of their summer vactions. So when I go there sometimes they feel delighted. We sit and play sometimes business some time chit chatting just hearing them speak about their school studies and things they did at home. Madhu seems very excited and she keeps telling me a lot of things. This time they showed me their dance they have learned and it was good. Madhu’s energy level was fantastic and though she was tired she kept on dancing on so many numbers. They were happy that I sat and saw their dance. I felt happy coz I gave a bit off my time and made them smile and I was happy too at the end of the day.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bade Ache Lagte Hain

Bade ache lagte hain..
Ye dharti, ye nadiya, yeh raina, aur…auuur tummm…
Hum tum kitne pass hain Jitne
Door hain chand sitaare.
Sach pucho to, man ko jhoote, lagte hain ye saare.
Magar sache lagte hain
Ye dharti ye nadiya yeh raina.. aur…aur tumm

Beautiful song isn’t it… It has a beautiful memory also attached.

It was the song he sang for her on the guitar. It was a wonderful moment forever to be etched in her mind.. Wish she could hold on to the moment, its magic and its beauty that was there, created by their togetherness.
It was the 1st song he had learnt on the guitar. It was a first time first he sang for her the first song he had learnt and the first time she listening to him, singing for her.

More songs and more memories were to follow.
Everything I do, I do it for you….

Now also this song whenever it starts brings back those memories.

M was telling me today that how sometimes back I was just singignt this song and I happened to forgot one of the lines. She was new to our office then. After I stopped she started singing from there. She just remembered and then both of us started singing. Later R joined us and she sang it and it was beautiful….

Everything's been beautiful. Memories don’t fade.. they become stronger…