Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Ramblings!!!

Ok this is not a comeback post!!!! Well its been like close to five months that I have not contributed to this space. Not that I was dead busy and I didn’t had the time. Well the first 2 months I was but yes to be very honest if I wanted I could have tried and posted something substantial. But every time I thought of writing something I was at a loss, at a blank.

For few days I didn’t even visited my blog link. Not sure why was I feeling so blue. No particular reason though just felt I don’t have anything to write or share about. That was also the reason I didnt even visited the blog space of you guys.

Anyways nothing much to share. My appraisals are over and my boss seems to be pleased with my performance over the last year. But can anyone tell him that just by saying good words it’s not going to help. He has to give a promotion and a decent hike too. He surely knows the art of retaining people.

Bangalore is hotter than before. Temperatures are rising every day and its becoming more and more warmer. Metro construction has messed up the whole city.Was remembering the time 10 years back when I had come to Bangalore in 2000 for a vacation. and its was so spacious so cool. It used to rain and we never use to switch fans in the the night coz it was not required. Everything has changed.

I so wish I could write something substantial but I don’t know whenever I think of something to write my mind goes blank. When I read other’s blog I feel they are so gifted they can think of different things write it and express it.

Today morning when I had gone for tea in the cafeteria one of my colleagues did a very thoughtful thing. She filled in 2 cups of water and kept it near the terrace tank. I asked her why is that for and she said its for the birds even they would feel thirsty in this heat. It really touched me.
Can we also do this as a practice and keep some water on our terraces and open spaces for the birds.
Maybe this is small bit we can do for the. Hope I can continue writing:-) take care and keep smiling...