Friday, February 27, 2009


Any idea what’s this. Now before any of you reading my post jump into any conclusion I want to tell it’s the name of a sweet shop in Shibpur,Howrah. Just try pronouncing it and it would be fun. Growing up in Calcutta sweets have an important place in my life, and this neighbourhood shop has been there since the time I can remember and its still the same. Isnt it good in today’s time where things are changing so fast they have chose to retain their old charm and the spread of the sweets they had all these years.

It’s a small shop with no fancy attractions. A door which leads you inside and you can almost see all the sweets inside the glass case kept neatly arranged in trays. One one side there use to be huge vats of rasogullas and pantoouas floating in a thick sugar syrup.
There used to be a huge fridge in front and I always used to wonder this fridge is so big that even I can go and sit inside during summers. The fridge was the place where misthi doi used to be stored in clay pots and prices started from 5 rs. In 5 rs you get a small pot of mishti doi that will just satiate your taste buds.
At times lunch or dinner would almost be completed with a pot of mishi doi, and occasionally with any guests coming in, that was the shop we used to get sweets.

Variety of sweets, my favourite being kaachagolla….Its a milk sweet made with jaggery or sugar..Its just different very different.I can still feel the taste. Life changes but not everything changes with it and that’s why we love them for the way they are.

Calcutta will always be home. I have a crazy love for the city which would never fade.