Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Love is Always New!!! This is for you:-)

I have written this for one of my blogger friend Amit
One day when I just hit on this blog by chance, from then I have loved each and every post I have read till now. That very day I was really down and depressed for so many things. After I read his posts it not made me feel better but also the fact that we should not be taking life so seriously as we do at times. With a punch of humour and sarcasm, with fictions and stories, with hookups and breakups, and lots of love, this Hopeless Romantic has made his blog alive. I do hope that he comes back and starts writing again.
Amit, there are lot of posts that are still unread but I am sure they would be equally good as the posts I have read.
When you say in one of your posts, Love Happens Only Once Rest Is Just Life, a blog like yours is also only one. Hope you do come back. Take care and keep writing. This is for you. I hope you liked it. I loved reading you and would be back for more on your blog.

One fine day,
Not knowing what to do,
Sitting with my memories,
I was feeling all but blue.
Wanted to smile,
Wanted to be happy,
Read or do something ,
Which could lift up my spirits.

Searched searched and searched,
But anything interesting was out of sight,
Reflecting deep into my thoughts,
Was looking for something which would make me light.

By chance I stumbled upon,
A blog which talked about love,
I started reading it,
Not knowing of how time passed,
And anything else above.

On the screen in front of me,
Appeared posts which were mystical,
Deep into words and emotions,
It was nothing but magical.
Had a look at the blog posts,
Spent hours reading it.
Could feel distant memories,
And time itself stood still,

As I read more closely,
Brilliant posts on human emotions,
Taking me down and then to a high,
Making me smile and relive my moments,
And sometimes leaving with just a sigh.

Lived the fiction of 5500 fiction tales,
And simply loved the Emails for females,
Could sense an awe that the past left,
While reading the Daily Delhi dreams.

Be it the Bitchy Brisbane, or NCR narrations,
Slutty Sidney or Sex and the City,
Nevertheless reading all through them,
My heart surely skipped a beat

All the posts were refreshing,
All of them different,
And I felt that I couldn’t have enough,
The more and more I read them.

We want you to be back,
And start writing again,
Write posts which are vibrant,
Coz they are loved and are ecstatic,
For you are the one and only, who can write them
The Hopeless Romantic.

Posts which are interesting and refreshing
Vibrant and different
Blogs with all these are very few
And the winning entry among them is
Love is Always New!!!!


Hopeless Romantic said...

Thanks a lot for this wonderful gesture, i would always remember this, very nicely written, i am touched :)


Gauri Mathur said...

Heyy Nice!!
I liked your blog theme too!
Keep going!

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Am glad that you liked it.

Thanks for visiting:-)
Glad that you liked my blog. Please do come back again.

Singh Amit said...

Beautiful Poem :)
Liked it.. :)

Mustaf said...

wowwww....We should thank a lot to Amit to help you to cheer yourself up and that was an wonderful gesture from your side. and such a gr8 poet you are.

And i am begging now, please write something happy, we can't see you still living in the past.Pleaseeeeeeeee

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Thanks Amit.

Your concern touches me everytime. I am trying. Hope it should work.Oh yes I will write something happy when I really feel like writing it.Who doesnt wants to be happy after all. Your words are valuable.

sulagna chatterjee said...

heyii :) that was so cute,in fact i got a smile on my face pasted this moment

Thousif Raza said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, is all i can say its was awesome yaar, and a dedication that too, my god i am jealous now.... :P

take care and keep writing..........

anushree said...

lovely gesture...
keep it up!very beautifully written.

Harshita said...

That's a sweet gesture. :)

sujata said...

ahha so this was by you, I had read this on Amit's blog some time back when he had acknowledged this poetry. Beautiful indeed!! super work and am so happy you seem to be in a much cheerful frame of mind!!

Hopeless Romantic said...

@Sujata Di,

No, it was not Manisha in that poem on my blog. It was another anonymous reader :). I asked her to put this poem here since i have quit blogging!


Americanising Desi said...

a gesture well expressed and well received i see :)

Anonymous said...

hey Butterffly. love is always surreal. it never grows old and fades out. what fades out is the individual.

lovely tribute to ur friend.

HaRy!! said...

Thanks to Amit from my end too...i remembered the song...Soniye Hiriyae...this song has the last verses which mentioned" Love happens only once and rest is just Life" ...nice poem with enchanting words.. hope to cya around!

Anonymous said...

my other blog url is

divsi said...

wow. this is a very sweet gesture on ya part manisha:) a dedication post is the loveliest thing one can be gifted with. It makes the person feel so happy :)