Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Holidays!!!

I was on a long break and had gone to my home town Calcutta. Yes that’s the way I love calling it despite it having a new name Kolkata. The break was definitely worth taking…it was almost close to 2 yrs that I had been there. As soon as I stepped out of the airport the sweat and humidity welcomed me. Yes it was horribly hot there but still I was too excited to mind anything. Nothing has changed, oh yes but the seating arrangement in public buses has changed and now the seats are back to back. What an eye I have. Well as I said nothing has changed. The weather is same, humid and hot, the roads are same congested and most of the times crowded with handpulled rickshaws and small tea shops. The small sweet shops still line the roads. Handpumps to be seen everywhere. The small lanes which eventually lead to big houses. When I stepped inside my home I was so excited to see all my brothers and sisters. Yes I have a big joint family and I don’t like my uncles kids to be called as my cousins. They are my brothers and sisters. I am the oldest among them and the youngest is Meghu with just 3 and half years old. They were all so happy and excited to see me. Not once I felt I was away from them from such a long time.
I treated my self to the fish curry I had been missing from such a long time. Everyday I use to eat the different kind of sweets from mishit doi to gojaa..Life was nothing just getting up having breakfast watching tv, chilling at home. How I missed all this. I went out to meet my school friends and it was delighting to meet them. Infact I met one of my friend Utsav after 10 yrs. And he has still hasn’t changed with all his witty and silly jokes still at place. I use to become so nostalgic when I would cross a certain road or place and think, some years back I use to pass this road everyday, use to take this bus everyday.. and now I hardly get to see it.

Some places are sketched in our mind just like memories, moments. Places which have seen you evolve as a person, from a small child to a grown up. Places which has given you your 1st crush, your 1st love, your best friends, your lifelong relationships, your favourite hangout , your favourite cuisines, your tears and happiness and not to say some of the best memories. Places which has given you an identity and what you are today. They have witness all of that.. Today when I was crossing the junction of my college I was just wondering, this city has given and taken away so many things from me. Things I never wanted from life but still it gave me and so much happiness along with it, and things I never wanted to let go but still it was taken away. Whatever it is as I said Calcutta will always be home. I feel at peace with myself when I am there. Even if I am lonely I don’t feel the loneliness. The moments spent, the feeling of close friends, my family my house where I spent my childhood keep me warm and happy.
Its something, I would never let go!!!!


ani_aset said...

seems like some one had a nice time getting nostalgic :)

Thousif Raza M.B said...

hmm good to know you are back, hmm had good fun han nice.... :)

take care and keep writing......