Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lost Dreams!!! Part -1

His arms were the only place she felt secured, she felt loved and she felt blessed. At times she would wonder if all this is real, she has so much of love in her life. She didn’t wished and prayed anything more than they being together always, the way they are today. She was glad he was there with her. His presence made her realized how beautiful her world is!!!

She was just another girl in her college. Carefree, joyful, cheerful, lost among her friends enjoying her college days like any other student. Her 1st year exams were over and she hadn’t given much of a thought as what she plans to do after graduation. She had her own group of friends. Going to college everyday, attending classes, spending hours chatting gossiping, eating chats, going for small shoppings with friends, all this was just a part of her life. After months of studying and exams being over she was just making the most of whatever few months were left, for the college to get over.
She didn’t had a boyfriend and she didn’t feel that there is anything missing in her life. She was happy in her life and her people around.

One fine day at her usual place on the stairs she was talking to her friend, unaware of the fact that after this what’s going to happen would change her life and her completely in the years to come.
She saw him coming inside the college premises from the gate and coming towards her. She had seen him few times before in these 2 years in college but never paid that much attention as he was not from her class.
She doesn’t knows what made her ask her friend as soon she saw him coming towards them. Iska naam kya hain. Her friend promptly replied and told his name. By that time he was close enough to the tap which was just beside the stairs they were seated, and he asked her, naam puch rahe ho. Well with no other option she had to say yes with a smile. After drinking the water he asked her what are you.. She didn’t understand what he meant and asked him what do you mean what am I. He said no I meant where are you from. After this he started talking to her friend who was his friend also and in his class as well.

Well the walk that day inside the college gate was not just an ordinary walk. It was a walk he made in her life and be a part of her and the story they made together in their lives.

P.S- to be continued.


paramveer said...

HEY THATS A fine start to some emotional love story liked it!!

i am also working for some comic love story for my blog.will publish that next month.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

as simple as it is couple of lines were oh so very nice, very very good, will be wiing for the next part

and by the way blog's updated hope to see ya there soon,

take care and keep writing.........

ani_aset said...

hey this was a decent start..i kind of wanted to read more of it in first part..when are you posting second?

Butterfly Thoughts said...

glad that u liked it..will wait for your story also.

Butterfly Thoughts said...

glad that u liked it. just started off. lets see how it goes.yes will coem soon on ur blog. just caught up in soem heavy work

Butterfly Thoughts said...

thanks Ani. happy that u liked it. yes will post soon. just caught up with work in office.but wil coem back soon.