Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shubho Nabo Barsho!!!

Ajo ache sei surji doba nodi..
Ajo ache sei nokshi kathar math

Ache chalay chokh rekhe miche swapno dekha
Ache chile kothar ghare kichu ichche rakha

Dure chole geche , bahu dure.. bujhte parini kato dure..
Albumer majhe din gulo harie geche

Sei barshay hatujal rastata aaj kothay ache?
Jani na, ami jani na…

Ajo jete chai sei ghum poriri deshe
Ajo chute chai sei chander pahar

Ache chander majhe charka burir chaka
Aache tepantarer mathe kichu swapno rakha.

Dure chole geche , bahu dure.. bujhte parini kato dure.. Albumer majhe din gulo harie geche

Sei grismer dupur gulo keno bodle geche?
Jani na, ami jani na…

Had read these few lines sometimes back somewhere.
Its bengali’s New year today.Poila Baisakh as they call it.
Though not a Bengali, witnessing this celebration since childhood has been a ritual every year. Our tenants who were Bengali used to celebrate it and sweets and chanachur were eagerly awaited.
I remember there used to be a very tiny shop at the end of the road. We use to call that man kaaku. On that particular year he had made bonde ( boondiyan which is a sweet) and neatly kept in small packets. He was selling them,each packet for 5 paise. Oh yes just 5 paise. But the catch was he would sell it only once to one person not again. His idea was to distribute the sweets to all.
We a bunch of kids went and each bought the sweet packet and he didn’t see us properly as who all are buying. Finished it was just in a minute and we wanted more. We knew he wouldn’t give us again as we have already bought once. Thought of trying our luck again, one by one we went and bought again and relished again. He started scolding us when he came to know we were playing a prank and bought the sweets again and again. It was fun. Its not that the sweets were outstanding and we wont get it in any other sweet shop. The festival, the friends the place all made a difference. As I said earlier Calcutta will always be home. I just miss each and everything about the city.