Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Things!!!

Yesterday after I left office I decided I would go by a bus.

Waited for almost 20 mins for a bus to come and I was actually enjoying the wait. Sitting on the bench at the bus stop watching life just walking running driving and rushing by.

A guy was sitting on the next bench. A sweet looking young girl came and started talking. Just after 5 mins the girl got up and told that guy bye. It looked she was irritated. She walked away. They guy looked at her going away. Not sure if he was crying but saw him rubbing off his eyes. He looked sad and disappointed and was just randomly seeing the roads and the vehicles.

2 college girls were busy chattering. Not too sure what they were talking as it was in kannada, but something about chemistry and some fun they did in the lab.

Waited waited and waited. Wanted to go in a Volvo. I just love the New Volvo buses. Its so comfortable and pleasing. The whole idea of travelling by public transport has changed. I just love the bus and wouldn’t miss a chance of travelling by it.
Finally I hopped into a Suvarna the silver bus. The conductor was a nice person and made me smile as I was trying to figure out what did he say in Kannada. Just understood aayetu madam when I asked him back my change.

When I got back home I went to my neighbour aunty. She has 2 beautiful daughters. Madhuri and Madhu. Both of them are very cute,Madhu being the younger one so little more chirpy and cuter. As usual they are getting bored of their summer vactions. So when I go there sometimes they feel delighted. We sit and play sometimes business some time chit chatting just hearing them speak about their school studies and things they did at home. Madhu seems very excited and she keeps telling me a lot of things. This time they showed me their dance they have learned and it was good. Madhu’s energy level was fantastic and though she was tired she kept on dancing on so many numbers. They were happy that I sat and saw their dance. I felt happy coz I gave a bit off my time and made them smile and I was happy too at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is really beautiful. It's really easy to find things and it's not at all messy like mine. Good. Thank you so much for your gratitude.

and one more thing, enable the 'Followers gadget'. I would love to read your posts. Smiles :)

Butterfly Thoughts said...
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