Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Sunny Day....

A nice and sunny day but the not the mood. When I stepped out from home I thought its going to be better. But no, I am still feeling tired and drowsy and just want to doze off to sleep. Can I?? The fatigue of Saturday outing is still there. Well I had been to Club Cabana last Saturday and it was as usual great fun.The place was just beautiful. A perfect one where one can just go and unwind. Where you just can lie down with a book and no matter you read it or you just read the people who come there to enjoy We had great fun and it was the 1st time I played cricket and my team won. Hurray!!! The aggressiveness within us was remarkable. We were a one team before the cricket and we had split into 2 teams for the game. The way we were applauding our team batsmens and cheering when a four or six was being tossed off and the gloomy sigh when someone was out was noteworthy. We were just fighting for our own runs when the other team was reducing them in numbers and the same was the case vice versa. 39, 39 is the total. Hello when did it become 39 it was 29. no no it was 39 only. Masoom was shouting at the top of her voice against this so called cheating, well it was not, and Archana was just awesome as a bowler and an Umpire. She just refused to bowl when Srini didn’t accept he was out but he was.. Just a game and we were supposed to have fun. But then we took it as a game with all the aggresiveness and vigour and won it.And we were so happy….

The lazy river!!! The name is just so apt. You just have to take a tube and keep floating on it and enjoy the sun. Not everyday you get a chance to do something like it unless you have a pool of your own and have loads of time. Now who has a pool and time also.. Thats a prized thing to have it today… Well back to lazy river’s lazy lamhe, David was fun tumbling down everyone and creating more fun..Well all in all it was just fun and fun and fun and I guess that’s why we were there..

And all the after effects of having that fun are being experienced now. But still the time spent brings a smile which tries hard not to fade away with the aches and pains my body is having right now… I wish myself a nice day:-)
Some pics to support my views that they are facts indeed...