Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1 week Old!!!

The year has started and we are already 1 week old… Yipeee..So already getting adapt to the new challenges new dreams and receding old pains and reliving lost dreams!!!
A usual day at office with no work absolutely. Have made a goof up by dating my cheque wrong, 2 Dec-09..Waiting to go the bank to pay the money…..Money just flies. Where it goes I really don’t know. Bus fares ,auto fares, eating pastry, gulping pani puri, to that peanut guy , chewing pan, satiating the taste buds with a chicken roll, recharging you fone some thousand time for 60 rs, buying kurti or tshirt inspite having loads of them…And doing all this a visit to the doctor once in a while and how can I forget the birthday parties and farewell parties at office where we again gobble all the possible junk and fried foods with the same money we have contributed towards it…Money just flies..

Unknowingly I seem to be a little pleasant and happy. The thoughts of my past keep me happy.. Is there something wrong in it. Even it is I don’t want to care about it. Just for today I want to live it again become careless…Ah what a wonderful time it was.
But I am determined to make 2009 also as beautiful as it can be. I want to live it coz I think I owe it to myself…Now I really hope I keep up the thought and its not just a momentary high whilst I write this.. Everyday is meant to be upbeat and positive though I know at times its difficult to be.
At tea got to know about my colleagues’s dad who is suffering froma liver ailment and needs a transplant. Liver is an organ which can regenerate itself in the donor’s as well as the recipient’s body. The full organ is not required for transplant. Amazing and awesome isn’t it. The body in itself is a miracle and the way all the organs work together in harmony and sync to maintain the balance is an art beyond imagination. Ok too much philosophical now. I dont intend to become any guru maa and change my career path. Planning to spend another half day in office yawning.

Guten tag!!! I am again learning german you seeJ