Friday, September 21, 2007

History as it is....Are we in Present.

So finally the least expected topic of history is up for an debate.A topic which even is proved right or wrong will not make any difference to the faith of million people.Is it really required to prove that the ancient Hindu God Rama existed or not.That setu is not man made but a natural formation.If its proved that Rama didnt existed are the memories of the demolition of Babri Masjid going to fade away, and the issue of Ramjanmboomi wil get sorted out.

Will people stop reading ramcharitmanas and going to temples.

For us as we grow up we not only learn our mythology but also believe in them.So how all of a sudden we are going to stop believing in them.As a matter of fact it might take years to prove this (i dont know if it's really worth it).Why are we spending our time in this so called hypothesis which has to fight the faith and belief of so many people.I dont think this is anyways harming any other individual.
If doing things differenly means resaerching on all this then when are we going to be competent with the the other countries who are actually geared up to do work on global warming, nuclear science, stem cell therapies and combatting terrorism which is the greatest threat to human existence.
Why cant we channelise our so called efforts and energies in to some other productive things which might yield some results and be productive for the community.