Thursday, August 9, 2007

IF ONLY-Part 2

So Finally I have decided to write and well to be honest it was not easy, right from the start.
From creating a blog and writing, everything was going wrong.
If Only I didnt had this magnificient idea of creating a blog I would have saved myself half a day's time.Getting here was not an easy task......So lets get on with the story.

When I decided to start with one I went to the website and there I cudnt find any language except some rectangles and squares.I was wondering if anything was wrong with my system or the webpage.It took us 1 hour for me and the infra guy Sharath to figure out what is the problem but then we cudnt find out and neither get a solution.Instead of the squares and rectangles questions marks came in.Now isn't that amazing.My system was reciprocating what I was thinking...

It was Dilish who helped me to solve the problem and change the language to english which again took a lot of patience with this slow internet connection.

Thanks to Malathi, Anita and Roopa who read this first, and I should not forget to mention that Anita was the inspiration behind the title.

Till yesterday this was the end of the story.But as usual problems are in just too much love with me.I published it but no one could read it.
So this is the part 2 and I hope this time there is no problem.

And then Praveen stepped in with some more intricacies of this complicated internet system and helped in doing some more inventions which in turn made my my published blog readable.

After been writing a diary for more than 10 years expressing yourself thru this way is a little unusual but still lets give it a try, is what I thought.

So lets see how it goes.So If only I had not thought I wouldnt had taken so much of trouble and be here..... So lets start the blog journey......


praveen said...

..... well this seems to be a gr8 start mani..i really used to wonder.. for how many ages down the line wud you be writing this diary...and how many diaries wud u carry along..just to read thru.. bt nevertheless.. its worth it having ur own blog.. not that i know too much abt it.. but yess indeed it seems to have worked for quite a many.. so y not u.. :-) hoping to see some more intresting stuff.. in here... :-) have fun dear... :-) keep smiling...!!!

KD-DK said...

:-) at last you made it. See, thats all it matters.. hang on and you can do it !!

Have a happy blogging life !!

Enjoi :-)