Monday, May 18, 2009


Ok before anyone starts guessing anything that whether its about the teleserial Rajani well it’s not.
Rajani is my friend from college and its been 10 years now that I have known her. After my college we lost touch and I had never thought that I would get to speak to her, as I moved out of Calcutta to do my M.B.A. We had shared some very good, bad wonderful, angry, eating and study (ah can’t remember this one) moments together.. In college we would always be together though she was from Arts and I was in Science. I don’t really recollect how and when our friendship started. Probably it was just coincidence that we got together. We use to fix up time that we would be coming to college at this time.In the morning I use to call her and tell her that what time I would be coming to college. We would meet, chit chat, roam in and around college, go for our respective classes and then again come back and start our chit chatting. I really think hard to recollect what we use to talk so much.

There were 2 joints we regularly visited almost. The bhelpuri waala and the imli chutney waala. In just 5 bucks we use to eat bhelpuri and 1 or 2 rs we use to buy that chatpati chutney and eat and do time pass. We use to share almost everything. Any problems, any good news, the food we ate. Evenings I use to drop her by her bus stop and waited till she get into a bus. She never used to allow me to sit and study in library even if I wanted to. I remember going with her for one of her history classes (remember I was in science) and the professor caught me talking and he made me stand up and asked me to say which chapter he was teaching. I was obviously blank as I was not paying attention and it was not my subject after all. We use to call each other from home also and talk. It was such fun filled days such days where we had no tensions no worry no responsibilities.
College was just fun!!!

8th May 2002 was the last time I saw her. That day we had our last final exams.
Today we are in touch again but our life has changed a mega lot. She still remembers so many things about us. She was telling me today that I gave her a big card on friendship day, but I really don’t remember, She also remembers certain things that I would have told her and certain instances where what my reaction was. She still remembers almost everything.
We use to talk and plan about how and where our life would be. What we would do in the years to come. Its all changed and its all went in a different way.

As I moved in life I got more friends and more people took a special place, but for her I am still her only friend the way I was years back. I don’t know should I be happy or sad!!! Wishing her all the best and everything good in life.


Anonymous said...

Be her friend forever please .. such people make friends rarely but truly for all of the life !! God bless you both :)