Sunday, June 15, 2008


The monsoons are here and so are the rains.Such a stupid remark.Obviously if its monsoon the rains would also be here:-) I remember being in a school and studying about the different season's and that would make me wonder why they come at such a specific time and intervals. Why summers are not in december and monsoons in february. Anywyas thanks to the global warming we might have that too as well down the line. So coming back to rains, I am not really fond of them.They make things more messy I feel. Yes of course if you dont have anything to do and planning to be at home watching some nice movie with a cup of coffee you can enjoy it. how lucky ppl can be if they have this. One more observation that I have made is ( it just true per my observation) the rains just know when are you planning to go out. I mean they can just sense it man!!! When I was in school it would just start raining 5 minutes before the last bell, and we would be stuck in school for almost half an hour to 45 mins. And thanks to the memory anyone wouldnt have an umbrella with us. Now in office also it would start pouring exactly at 6 when its time to go home..And its happen everytime...Maybe they want to say, we are coming so wait and see us how we fall from such a height from the sky to the ground and give this nature another life, make it more beautiful. Isnt it:-)